Saturday, 18 February 2012

MAC Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eyeshadows


Frozen Blue

When first looking at the ‘Glitter and Ice’ collection I just thought was those are beautiful and the second thought was I want them. I could have easily bought them all but I settled on two: Winterized and Frozen Blue.
The idea of mineralised eye shadows were a bit lost on me, my fist thought was why does this cost £16.50 for a eye shadow colour and the other thought was what makes this so special.
The first major difference is that you can use these wet. Using mixing medium, or just water like I use, to foil the colours and make the colour even stronger. When using them wet I have found that the colour changes, in the shadow pot, in to the blended colour and stays that shade, so I would recommend only using a side to do the foiling and not use the full disk.
When I first foiled using frozen blue not a lot of colour came out on the brush, this was down to not enough water. The brush has to be very wet for this to work meaning you have to use a lot of colour to create the colour you want. The other thing I noticed is that the brush smelt when using it wet. This could be to do with the fact I use water not mixing medium but it was an odd smell. The products on its own dose not smell like normal eye shadows it is really strange.
But enough about the smell, the colours are beautiful the Frozen Blue looks like ice and Winterized is a gorgeous dark purple. Both have a really noticeable pearl finish but also has glitter in them as well. The Winterized has the glitter in all the colours of the swirl so even with the straight purple on your eyes there is still a subtle purple, blue, silver and black glitter in as well.
As Winterized looks in the box there are many different layers of shades, blue parts, darker parts, this means that you can use different parts of the eye shadow to create different colours. Frozen Blue just has that blue silver shade running through out.
The packaging is very different to the normal black that MAC uses and is swapped for a white case and silver package. I think this is to keep with the ice skating theme, that the whole collection was based upon, but it also sets these eye shadows out from the rest of them.
All in all these shades are worth the money. I have used these colours a lot and, especially Winterized, looks like it has barely been touched. Mineralised eye shadows are well worth the investment.

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