Friday, 18 May 2012

Rave On!

Sleek Makeup ‘i-Divine’ palette in Acid
Rimmel London ‘Flash Eyeliner’ in Black
Rimmel London ‘Day to Night’ Mascara in Black
Rimmel London ‘Scandal'eyes Mascara’ in Black

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Neutral Eyes yet with Glamour

MAC 'Prep + Prime' in Light
Sleek Makeup 'i-Divine' Palette in Storm
NYX 'Jumbo Eye Pencil' in Milk
Rimmel London 'Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil' in Stable Brown
Rimmel London 'Day to Night Mascara' in Black
Lips: (in tutorial)
Nivea 'Hydro care'
No. 7 'Moisture Drench' in Pink Crush
Lips: (in photo)
Nivea 'Hydro care'
Rimmel London 'Lasting Finish by Kate' in 01

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

30 day Fashion Challenge

Ok, so I really want to start making videos and posting things but I was lacking in ideas and motivation. So I decided to do 30 days of straight vloging and posting about beauty and fashion.
I decided to do 30 day challenges set by someone else because if not these challenged will be easy and that is not way to motivate me. I am better motivated when I am forced to do something for a large amount of time.

It is said that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so on the 21st day this should be a habit enough.

I will start doing tutorials and reviews soon, but I think that this will get me started.

I know that these challenges are fashion related but I will slip the beauty in there as well.

Also I know I am 2 days late to do this over the whole of April but I will make that time up!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

MAC Packed to Go 6 Cool Smoky Eye Shadows

Seedy Pearl (Frost)

Tendersmoke (Frost)

Satin Taupe (Frost)

A Brown Suit (Frost)

Beauty Marked (Velvet)

Carbon (Matte)

I will start this with a confession: I don’t own a MAC palette. I have played with the idea so many times but I just don’t know what colours will really go well together and compliment each other, due to variety of textures and the MAC website doesn’t have excellent pictures of the colours.
But when I say this I knew this would be good.
First off the mark the packaging was beautiful, I know you should never judge a book by its cover but this was just beautiful. Inside it had the common sleek black packaging.
Inside there is a mirror the size of palette and a small 213 brush that is kept in a compartment at the front.
Now I often think that photos are never as good as the real thing and no offence to MAC but the colours are so pretty in real life compared to the photos on their website. Take Beauty Marked on the website it looks like a dark maroon red when really it is a dark (almost black) red with red glitter in it. Satin Taupe is much more gold than brown like it looks on their website.
Mini 213 Brush
First impressions of the colours are: they are beautiful.
There is such a mix of colours but they work well together. Creating a soft look with Tender Smoke and Satin Taupe. Or a dramatic smoky look with A Brown suit, Beauty Marked and a bit of Carbon.
Now for the swatching. My favourite colour Seedy Pearl that is just beautiful its pigment is not that high and does not have a lot of colour pay out; which is very disappointing. But the rest of the colours swatched lovely and were very high in their pigmentation.
Apart from Seedy Pearl not being what I expected this is such a good product and if you are thinking of wanting a smoky palette then I would go for this. I cannot really fault it.
Now time to bore you with the math on why this is worth it.
Four of the colours are available as refill pots or as straight colours in pots. Even the exclusive two have very similar colours available through those pots; Tender Smoke is similar to Patina and A Brown Suit is similar to Expensive Pink.
Carbon, Seedy Pearl, Satin Taupe and Beauty Marked are all available as pans.
Now let’s look at this logically, the colours in this palette are about 9g of product, in comparison to the refill pans that are 1.5g. These colours are two thirds the size admittedly, yet they are very cheep compared to the refill pans.
The pans cost £10 each, these each cost, per colour, £6 (ish) being 2/3 of the size.
As refill pans they are: £60 (all six together). Plus the Palette: £11.50. Plus Brush 213: £16. Total: £87.50!
But you could have six shades, in a palette, with a mini 213 brush, for 29.50!
And here is more maths for you all six of the colours are £36. That is taking in to consideration that they 2/3’s the size so I did alter the price according to that. I don’t know how MAC is making money off this!
I bought this on Tuesday 14th, I checked back on the MAC UK website the next day and they had sold out. They were back in stock for a few hours and then they had sold out again. And I definitely know why.