Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rimmel Glam’ Eyes Quad Eye Shadows

The Rimmel Glam’ Eyes Quad Eye Shadows come in many different shades with a sponge applicator. The shades also include a various smoky eyes looks, browns, greens and other colours all with complimentary colours.
As a whole for a respectable £6.99 these are well worth the money and I would recommend getting them. Yet with all of the colours applying an eye shadow base is key to get a vivid colour if not the eye shadows will become powdery. All of the colours go on very easily and blend out very well together. But all in all these colours do not crease and stay on all day so for a beginners kit these would be well worth the money.
These quads combine complementary colours to create strong looks. Both have a mixture of pearl and shimmery colours with a very glittery silver as well.
On the back it tells you how to apply the eye shadow. Use 1 fully on the lid, 2 on either side of the lid leaving a gap for 1 to be seen. Use 3 as a highlighter on the brow bone or in the inner corner and using 4 to create a smoky look.
State of Grace
This mixture of colours leads to a very strong and stunning look. The silver glitter though is very flaky and sticks far better with some kind of sticky base: a primer, eyeliner.
I have also found that the turquoise is more powdery so will require more than the purple or blue as they are very strongly pigmented.
This does create a very striking Peacock style look with a bit of hot pink added also.
Beauty Spells
This mix of colours creates a very pretty and innocent smoky eye effect the light colours with just the hint of black vamps up a very innocent look.
The black is the colour that is really stunning a matte black with silver shimmer with it tones down the harsh black yet makes the colour more striking because of the glitter.  

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